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  • A training practice with 15 years of management consulting experience
  • Instructors with advanced level of professional public speaking experience
  • Instructors with Spanish proficiency
  • Follow-up training to ensure proficiency and address additional issues
  • A free no-obligation discussion about your training needs
  • Fixed training fees agreed in advance and not dependent on income level
  • Unforgettable presentations leaving you inspired, motivated, with a template for action
  • Continuous learning through our online material identified in our Leadership Corner


Here at TAILORED TRAINING SOLUTIONS, we are dedicated to you and all your different training needs. Our business provides extensive experience in conflict management, performance management, effective communication, emotional intelligence, teamwork, and leadership skills. We understand the inner office dynamics with colleagues and management and the value of improved soft skills and its impact on completing business objectives. We bring an advanced level of professional public speaking experience with the ability to inspire, lead, and motivate the audience. We are qualified Toastmasters International Advanced Competent Communicators and Competent Leaders. This experience enables us to effectively communicate information in an engaging, professional, and educational way.