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Trainings include, but are not limited to:

  • Learning how we may become a jerk at work and how to avoid it
  • Understanding the impact jerks can have on your career and personal life
  • Learning how to disarm a jerk by employing the AAA Method
  • Improving your interaction with your coworkers, superiors and jerks by adopting the 5 Traits
  • Learning the most effective ways to resolve conflict, diffuse tense situations, and manage relationships with jerks
  • Provides activities so that you can immediately apply the techniques

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Who hasn’t worked with a jerk or two?  And if you haven’t it’s possible you will encounter one at some point in your life.  How to Work with Jerks provides better coping methods for surviving it productively with your sanity in tact! 

It arms professionals with tools to manage relationships with coworkers in the workplace and helps people overcome conflict.  It also explains why interpersonal communication and overcoming conflict are so vital for success in today’s professional environment.

How to Work with Jerks

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